London Heathrow

Guide to London Heathrow Airport

First, it is worth mentioning that London Heathrow is an International Airport is one of the biggest air hub transports in the world. Airport is located 15 miles (24 km) from central London. 90 international airlines provide flights to more than 180 destinations in 90 countries, based on a permanent basis in London Heathrow airport. Airport is owned and operated by BAA, which also owns other airports such as Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Changing at the airport London Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is part of a list of leading major international transport hubs around the world in the total number of flights. And not at all surprising is the fact that millions of passengers each year use this giant airport as part of their connected flights.

In order for the airport to operate well, it was first decided to provide for the establishment of four major terminals. But it was not enough to ensure a comfortable flight service, so that the government in London decided to build an extra fifth terminal. In order to find out when your flight comes out of the terminal, or from which terminal to start your flight, you should contact your airline.

You need to pick up the luggage?

Follow the signs to the information in the arrivals area (Arrivals) in the airport, then you need to go through passport control. The following is the profit zone baggage and customs, then please register for your flight.

If you need to get to another terminal?

Two terminals, the 1st and the 3rd are located nearby, you will need just a few minutes to walk from one to another. For airport terminals 4 and 5 you will need to get a free shuttle bus, operating regularly in the airport.

In case your luggage should be collected in the final destination.

Follow the signs for changing/connecting flights (Flight Connections). Again, if you need to get to another terminal, you can take the free bus in the airport. You will need to pass through security control, where you will probably be asked to present a passport, or ID card for European Union passengers, travelling in the EU.

Arriving at Heathrow Airport

After leaving the plane, you should follow the signs to the airport arrival area (Arrivals) and go through passport control, baggage collection point and customs. This procedure usually takes about 40 minutes, but it can take longer during rush hour or overloaded holiday season.

Passport control at Heathrow Airport

To facilitate the process of passport control at Heathrow airport, there are two queues – one intended for citizens of European Union (EU) and the second – for the rest of the passengers who are citizens of other countries. Be kind, try to prepare passports and other necessary documents in advance.

Collecting your luggage

Arriving at the point of luggage collection, look at the monitor where you can find your flight and learn which conveyor belt to go to. For easy transportation of luggage you can always use a cart.


At the customs the blue exit is provided for EU citizens. In the case of passengers from other countries, the passangers with goods for declaration must use the red exit out, and the green output is provided for the citizens of the same countries without the goods that need to be declared.

Departure from London Heathrow Airport


From 2007, International Airport of London Heathrow tightened the security, which increased the time of passing the control point greatly. In consequence, it is recommended to check-in in advance.

For more information, you can always refer to your airline, and it is still desirable to register no later than three hours before departure for flights of long distance and no later than two hours – for the flight of the European route (except for flights within the UK and Ireland – 90 minutes) .

From which terminal are you flying?

Before heading out to Heathrow, you should find out which terminal your departure will be from.

  • Terminals 1 and 3 are situated nearby in the central part of the airport and are close enough to each other.
  • Terminal 4 is situated in the South and disposes of a separate entrance.
  • Terminal 5 is situated in the Western part and also disposes of a separate entrance.

Useful information about security at Heathrow Airport

You are also advised to consult the UK airports security restrictions that are directly related to the carry-on baggage and luggage.


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