Michelin Corporation introduced the CrossClimate model to the consumers in 2015, and immediately it shook the all-season tire market. Until now, the tread of a similar configuration was considered to be intended for winter tires, and for tires intended for operation in more humid weather conditions. But Michelin was of the opposite opinion, and proved to be right. In fact, Michelin is positioning the CrossClimate as a summer tire with well-developed winter capabilities.

Especially for the CrossClimate, Michelin specialists created a new tread structure, this “pattern” improves grip, absorbs and dampens all vibrations from road bumps and has excellent elasticity in different weather conditions, down to temperatures approaching zero. The underprotective layer of this model, which is considered to be used while summer season, is made from another rubber compound, which reduces heat generation and improves fuel economy. Michelin indenders and designers succeeded in reducing heat generation by adding new level of silica to the rubber “mix”.

As a result of the tests, Michelin took third place thanks to a good ride on a wet surface and good handling when driving in the snow.
The updated CrossClimate + is released in a new composition that provides increased durability of tires, as well as other quality characteristics during the entire period of operation.

According to the tests, the manufacturer has improved driving performance on wet surfaces; but the tires still barely move through deep pools. The rest of the wet and dry tire tests have been held perfect.

Under wet braking, the car equipped with these tires had a stopping distance of 1.5 meters less than a car with Nexen tires, and a little less than seven meters than the last representative on the list – Kumho.

The Michelin CrossClimate felt very confident on a dry surface, and in the braking test these tires took more than four meters to stop, unlike its main competitor.
The CrossClimate tires are the best solution for snow, it still managed to defeat two all-season rivals and prove that it is able to cope with the British snowfall.
Note that the cost of the Michelin CrossClimate ranges from £ 111 on tyreleader.co.uk.