Transfer to Royal Ascot 

Coruss Ltd provides a transfer service to various events in London and throughout the UK. We are professionals in the business, so you will forget about any difficulties associated with the trip to the place of study.

Booking the Transfer to Royal Ascot Online:

For your convenience, we have developed an online form to book a transfer from our website. With the help of the online form, you can calculate the cost and time of your trip from Royal Ascot to the other point of destination. It can be either a district of London, one of its suburb or the airport. We do all we can to make the procedure of booking the transfer as simple as possible.



Book a taxi from London to Royal Ascot

Taxi service “Coruss Ltd” does not guarantee to save you from all life problems that you possibly have, but all the worries about the transfer from London to Royal Ascot area our company will completely shift onto its shoulders.

The booking of the service “Transfer to London” must be made in advance.

What you need to know when ordering a transfer from the airport:
  • The driver will be waiting for you at the airport with your name sign;
  • You will get an sms notification;
  • 1 hour waiting is included in the price;
  • There are no extra charges if the flight is delayed;
  • Assistance with your baggage;
  • The driver will wait as long as needed.
A little bit useful information about Royal Ascot

Without any exaggeration, ROYAL ASCOT is the most important social event in the UK. For the last three hundred years, all true ladies and gentlemen come to the town of Ascot, which is located near the official royal residence. In addition to the British aristocrats, more than 300 thousand visitors from all over the world come for the famous horse races.

This event has long ceased to be just a sport event. Ladies come to show their elegant clothes and accessories and gentlemen gather together to discuss a lot of things besides horses. Women are lucky to wear bright summer dresses and fancy caps, whereas men are more restricted by the protocol. They have to wear frock coats and top hats, regardless of the weather. That is the tradition!

It is interesting to notice that not only horses compete in the Ascot racers. The ladies expose their hats trying to be the best in the “stands fashion show”. Their hats can be incredibly fancy, while remaining within the boundaries of good taste. The leading fashion designers from Foggy Albion started to hold a special fashion show in Ascot paying a tribute to the beautiful ladies and their desires.

Officially, the racing is considered to be open after the queen’s arrival. But guests usually come earlier. Therefore, if you have a desire to attend the races, it is advisable to book a transfer to the “high season event” in advance to come on time showing the true British punctuality.

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