Transfers to schools in Great Britain 

English education is rightfully considered to be one of the best and prestigious in the world. It’s no wonder that the educational institutions of Great Britain accept a great number of children and teenagers from foreign countries every year.

Options to book transfers to school or college in Great Britain 

Parents who send their children to study abroad are concerned that their kids could get a proper prestigious education which will make a lot of good for them and will help to find their place in life. However, another significant factor is the child’s safety and it should be considered first of all. Of course, one may follow the example of many parents and accompany the child in person in the huge strange country but there is another way as well. It is possible to book transfers to British schools.

The transfer option is preferable for many reasons:

Parents don’t have to trhttp://london-airport-transfer.org/ru/booking-calculate/avel to England and it will save time and money. The young traveller’s safety and comfort will always be of primary importance as he won’t have to be on his own in the foreign country even for a minute, and besides he won’t have to use public transport.
To make an order there is no need to go anywhere – it is enough to submit an order at online transfer booking .

We offer only completely technically sound, comfortable vehicles and minibuses which can be used both for short trips and long distance journeys. The route is planned in advance so there will be no delays or unexpected obstacles on the way.

Options to book transfers to school in Great Britain 

There are several ways to book a transfer:

on the company's site:
by phone;
via email info@coruss.co.uk.

The driver will accompany your child from door to door 

Booking Unaccompanied Minor, you may be sure that your child is safe

The driver won’t leave the child alone by any means and he will eagerly listen to all his wishes all the transfer time. Besides we should mention the friendly attitude of our employees who perform transfers to colleges, their skills to communicate with children, attentiveness and high degree of responsibility.

Transfers to colleges in Great Britain are performed according to the scheme below:

The company employee tracks the time of the plane’s arrival on which the child is flying to be at the airport right in time. Then he meets the young student, takes his baggage to the car and then transfers him in the quick and most comfortable way to the educational institution or dormitory depending where they are located: in Oxford, Cambridge, York, Eastbourne or any other place.