It is expected that by 2021 on the roads of the UK will appear taxi without drivers. Such bold intentions are stated by Addison Lee, a common taxi service. And there are grounds for asserting that in the near future these ideas will be implemented in reality.

The fact is that the taxi operator Addison Lee has already signed a special agreement with the company Oxbotica which produces equipment for self-driving vehicles. During the planned period, Addison Lee and Oxbotica will work on the creation of 3D maps for auto-piloted taxi cars. Initially, it is planned to handle about 400,000 km of roads in London and outside the capital.

According to the words of experts, Addison Lee is in such a hurry with the announcement of their plans to create unmanned vehicles because they are trying to win the championship in the confrontation with Uber. The fact is that Uber is also in a great hurry to launch unmanned taxis on the roads of England, as soon as settle their problems and fully resume its work.

The head of Addison Lee Andy Boland recently said that the transfer to their park the machines which controlled by a robot will help to solve the problem with traffic jams on the streets of the capital, will set free a significant number of parking spaces in London.”

The newly-made partners have not yet called any specific deadlines, and have not yet announced a list of those from the automotive industry they will cooperate.