Taxi transfers from Heathrow to Brighton 

The Corus Travel company is happy to offer you the transfer service to/from Heathrow airport to Brighton. Our competent employees will handle all the process from the moment you book a car to the moment you get off at the place of destination, that’s why there isn’t any reason for you to worry, the trip will be easy and fast.

 Brilliant Brighton

Brighton is a town on the southern shore of England in East Sussex. Its population is 156 thousand citizens. The places worth seeing are Brighton and Hove Hebrew congregations, the most pompous interiors in the whole Europe by architect Leinson built in 1845. Don’t miss seeing the clock tower erected in 1888 to commemorate the Queen’s anniversary, with the portraits of Her Majesty, Prince Albert and other members of the royal family. Sadly, the clock is out of service now due to the specific mechanism making a lot of noise.

The Brighton Museum and Gallery host marvelous collections of porcelain, ceramics and glass of the 18th-19th centuries.

Corus Travel offers vehicles of any passenger capacity depending on your baggage amount and on the number of people traveling with you. Transfer from Brighton to Heathrow costs £87.00, the trip takes around 90 minutes.

To book a vehicle and to specify the details please contact us by phone +74995051508 (for Moscow); +442036516360|+442036516359 (for London)

You may also book a taxi using online transfer booking system   on our site or via email.